Bitcoin Mixer Tor

Bitcoin serves many purposes as a digital currency and one of these include making fast payments. Yet, since the blockchain technology of Bitcoin makes the coin safe, the transaction procedures aren’t always anonymous.

Using Bitcoin in itself isn’t private, as your transactions are generally stored in a public ledger. However, there are ways to mask your transaction history to protect yourself against being tracked by criminals.

Always mix Bitcoins only in TOR network.
When using Bitcoin, you should go a step higher in protecting your tracks. And this is what tumbling services are all about. When you mix your coins using tumbling services such as Bitcoin Fog, no one on the blockchain can tell that the coins came from you, especially if you are in TOR network and your IP address is hidden.

That’s how Bitcoin Tumbler works. Your coins get mixed with other coins so that no one can trace you or put an eye on your address. Such anonymity also comes from breaking links through changing addresses.
In essence, this paid service, also known as Bitcoin tumbling, is being widely accepted as a reliable alternative to other anonymity options.