Bitcoin Blender

Bitcoin is a digital currency which became popular among most people lately. It is a form of an asset, this is the main reason why it is being used a lot.

The second reason why Bitcoin was used so frequently was that it was considered to be anonymous. But studies and researches found out that it isn’t. The transactions can be traced and the links connected to the addresses can be located by the police or even hackers.

For this purpose Bitcoin, blenders were established. It is an anonymous service that mixes the trails of the Bitcoin transactions thus making it somewhat anonymous, if not completely.

The bitcoin randomizer is specifically used to mix the coins with the coins of other users before reaching their final destination. The users receive new coins. It is the best way to make purchases, donations, and transactions safely.

Bitcoin Blender has been really useful over the last years, as it provides anonymity. The bitcoin shufflers are used to secure your identity and make safe transactions anywhere you want.

How to hide the trails of Bitcoin transactions in Blockchain?

Bitcoin isn’t anonymous at all, but certain ways can help to hide the trails of Bitcoin transactions in Blockchain and secure your identity. The most common ones are the mixers or tumblers. With these services, you can send Bitcoins anonymously to whomever you want. Bitcoin mixers are usually used to mix and shuffle the coins before reaching the destination.
There are several trusted Bitcoin mixers like Bitcoin Fog, Crypto Mixer, Coinmixer etc.

The coin-blenders or bitcoin shufflers have several advantages. You have full control over the mixing of coins, it is more of a random procedure than predefined. There are a lot of tumblers that allow you to merge inputs privately. The outputs are faster than the inputs in a bitcoin mixer. From a blockchain perspective, you spend them before sending them to the tumbler.

There are a lot of btc mixers online today, but you have to look out for a reliable tumbler – Bitcoin Fog. Several mixers have no fees or donations. You pay according to your will, there is no pressure. So, if you are a Bitcoin owner then don’t forget to use the Bitcoin mixers for your safety and privacy.